Sunday Scoop 1/25

8:43 AM Sarah Koves 7 Comments

I just realized that it has been over two months since I linked up for Sunday Scoop.  The last time I posted I was talking about leaves!! How does time go so fast anyways?

1) Grades are due my 8 A.M. tomorrow, and I have to double check all of them.  I have two classes to double check papers for; our English department gives an Incomplete to anyone who doesn't complete the required papers.

2) I am the PowerSchool Administrator for our district, and we had an update this past Friday.  I now have to go through and double check out customization and get them back in working order.  Not a fun job.

3) I'm not sure which list: home, technology, or school that I will tackle, but something will get done, I hope :)

1) I got about 1/2 our laundry done yesterday (all except being put away), but I think there are still four baskets in the basement to finish.  I WILL GET THIS CAUGHT UP TODAY!!!

2) I have been diligently reworking my Teachers Pay Teachers store, so I hope to get one or two more done today while watching TV.

1) It have been in draft form for a long while now.  I want to finish it and get it up.   It is done, so check out: How I Avoid Grading Large Stacks of Assignments

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