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Thanks Farley for the great linky and template!  Check out the other currently posts.

Listening: Red hasn't spent the night at our house since before hubby and I were married ten years ago.  She just turned 18 and is making good on her promise to spend more time with us.  We had a good evening, and hubby is so happy to have her.  We introduced her to Clueless and The Birdcage movies :)

Loving:  I am on my 5th Cotton Malone book; it has gotten me into some pleasure reading this winter, so that is good.  The books are very much like National Treasure and The DaVinci Code.  

I keep finding all these wonderful article-size informational texts for my English 11 classes.  I can't wait to get back and use them.  Anyone have some good informational task cards I could use with them?  

I have also started to make my students move during class.  I do write around the rooms a lot with questions instead of giving them a list to do at their seats.  I stared this with my civics/economics class, but I am now moving into English.  I have two books on the subject with lots of new ideas.

Thinking:  Staying up until midnight every night and sleeping until nine or ten has to come to an end TODAY, or I will be in real trouble come Monday.  

Wanting: I really want those shoes and that DVD set, but I should probably pay off the credit card first.  Not much else to say here other than being a grown-up stinks sometimes.

Needing:  I have some kitchen cleaning and freezer organizing to get done today.  I am hoping to avoid buying groceries for awhile as a result.  Then I have to get some school work done.  I have a webpage to update, grades to put in, and lessons to write.

Yes, maybe I wish: We are looking at move in our near future and are hoping house buying will be an option.  Other than that I want us all to stay healthy and well this year.

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