2015 Goals

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I am linking up with Stephanie from Mrs. D's Corner for 2015 goals.

Personal:  I need to check in more.  I need to be there with the girls as they are growing up so fast, and I don't want to miss it.  I will grumble less about going to concerts, recitals, and events.  I will get on the floor with Shmurtz and play.  I will talk more with Potumus as she enters high school.

Professional:  I want to work in coaching or curriculum, which are both things our district is looking at expanding.  I need to do some data reports to showcase my skills and desires.  I don't want to leave the classroom completely, but I would love an hour or two of helping others this way.  Anyone know of good books on these topics?

Planning: I am embracing the elementary model of self-monitored learning through stations.  I want to work this into my high school English classes with perhaps something like the Daily 5.  I have also become a big proponent of movement in the high school classroom.  I want to read more and do more of this with all my classes this year.

Organization: Grading...Do I really need to say more?  I am constantly behind.  I need to not only get on top of this, but I need to set myself up to have less to grade.  Suggestions would be appreciated.

Students:  I am hoping to incorporate more choice reading into my English classes, especially when it comes to informational texts.  I am still flushing out what this will look like and how it will work.

Motto:  I need to look to the future and what I can accomplish not the regrets I have about the past.

Happy 2015!

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