Sunday Scoop 9/14

10:07 AM Sarah Koves 4 Comments

Have To:
1) This one if fairly self-explanatory.  I haven't gotten into enough of a routine, so I can finish my plans and copies before Friday.  It doesn't help that we are still without paper, so I have to buy some before I make copies for the week.  I am hopeful that week three will be the week I get in a routine.

2) I haven't posted near enough real content in the last two weeks, so I need to get some of those done.

3) I am headed to Mackinaw Island a week from today for the PowerSchool conferences, and I have to get everything ready for hubby to run the show while I am gone.  There are kids that need to be fed and a cross country meet while I am gone.

Want To:
1) I have all her first grade papers in a nice cardboard box in my living room.  I bought the binder and got out all the page protectors, so this project needs to be finished.  I was smart enough this year to get a binder and protectors for second grade, so the items can go right into it as opposed to a box.

2) I managed to wash and fold all the laundry yesterday, but now I have five baskets sitting in various spots in my house.  I need to get it all put away, and I need to get my clothes picked out for the week.  I usually do this on Sunday for the whole week because then I don't have to think too much about it in the A.M.

I Am Happy To:
1) Cook for my family.  We had an awesome dinner yesterday and are going to have roasted chicken today with garlic mashed.  I am thinking about doing a Monday theme for the year with meals.  I know it is a teacher blog, but we all have to eat, right?  Thoughts?

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