Peek at My Week 9/1

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I am doing this for the first time EVER, and I am starting with the first week of school.

Tomorrow is our first day of school, and I really should be in bed, but I am going to write this first.

I have yet to post about my teacher binder, but my lessons go left to right for days.  My five classes I prep for are down the side.  I wasn't sure I would get all five on one sheet, but it is important that I see the whole week at once.
We are doing a handbook launch this year where we do one important section of our handbook an hour for the whole week.  That is what you see circled in blue.

TDIH/DGP is my mainstay social studies bell ringer.  I already blogged about that HERE.

I really hate get-to-know-you games, so I don't play them.  However, I had several educational experiences (conferences, books, training) this summer that led me to do something this year, so I used an idea from Love, Teach, personality puzzles pieces for psychology, and this cool form from Mr. Meyer for Civics.  It is enough without those annoying games.  I can't do the same thing with each class because of cross-over in student lists.

I am also making it a point to go over my expectations every day of the first week, and probably next Monday too.  I am asking them to describe my expectations and create some of their own...NORMS if you will.

Here is the other page.  I love that I can just circle the standards.  If someone really wants to know that they are, they can look them up like I have to.  I doubt administration ever took the time to look them up.

I am still fleshing out AP Psychology for Thursday and Friday...hence the gaping holes.  Civics looks crazy busy; I've never taught that class before and am not sure what to expect, so we will see tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

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