Sunday Scoop 2/8

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I am getting my Sunday Scoop ready to hopefully motivate me to get moving this morning because it is going to be a BUSY week, and we only have students 3.5 days.  

1) Part of our PD on Friday is a potluck lunch.  My hubby is a chef and gets food amounts and people numbers, so he has to help me finish this, so the sign up can go out.  Friday is celebration PD, which means food and fun.

2) We also have PD tomorrow, and I am responsible for printing the M-STEP questions for the morning, so I will need to go into the school (a whole three blocks) and get those done.  This is the Michigan test this year; we are in a transition year for testing, so who knows if we will ever see these kinds of questions and classroom activities again.

3) My oldest went to a friend's house Friday after school to celebrate her and another girl's birthday with a weekend-long sleep over.  I get to go pick her up and bring her home.  Somewhere in there I need to get her gifts wrapped for Tuesday.

1) Tons of ideas for products and personal record for January sales are lighting a fire under my behind to get some of these things up and posted. Maybe I can get one done today.

2)The girls and I are heading North for the weekend, so I need the laundry put away in order for them to pack their suitcases.  I want to be on the road by 3:30 Friday.

1) I have a little project for my February SLANT box partner that I want to get done.  I am so happy to have met Ashley.  She has started a little blog, so check her out: Teach Your Heart.

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