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Thanks Farley for the great linky and template!  Check out the other currently posts.

Listening: Last week during spirit week we had an 80's day.  The students got me to play 80's music on Pandora instead of my usual instrumental.  I love 80's Pop Radio.  I knew and loved every song it played that day, so now it is my go-to station.

Loving:  Donors Choose  I am currently on sixth project this school year.  I have received almost $2000 in supplies and books for my classroom through my projects.  My students are excited, and I am working on getting some other teachers at my school up and running.  I cannot financially provide everything my students need, so this helps.

Thinking:  I think I am in the running for a part-time curriculum director's position, and I am working on some plans to show what I can do and what my goals are.  It is kind of consuming my brain right now.

Wanting: I really could use a little extra income this time of year, so I am looking at both our community college and Michigan Virtual High School.  If not now, maybe I can get a summer gig to keep me busy...LOL

Needing:  I don't know if I have said how much I don't like the cold...I live in Michigan...I am sitting here watching the snow fall.  I really need some sunshine and palm trees; a fruity drink wouldn't hurt either.  I am so unproductive on days like this.

Pageant Title:  Sarah means princess in Hebrew...so that one is obvious.  I am always making lists and my friends jealous because of how much I get done on Saturday.  I was pretty good yesterday: laundry, dishes, floors, bathrooms, made soup and bread, played, and watched some TV.

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