Wordless Wednesday: 1/30: Article Response

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Wordless Wednesday is a quick post with just a picture from my classroom, a short explanation, and a question for you, my readers.
Using current events and short articles is a strong instructional strategy no matter the content area or grade level. There are also numerous sites for teachers to use, but sometimes they do not have what you are looking for. I am a huge fan of Common Lit, but they are still building up their library of articles, so on occassion, I have to come up with my own.

Normally students have a choice of three to five articles that I have selected based on our current content. Under no circumstances do I want to read ten summaries of the same article, so I have a specific set of directions that avoid summary.

Here is the anchor chart posted to help us all remember the format.

How do you use articles and current events in your classroom?

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