Wordless Wednesday 1/23: Taking Notes

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Wordless Wednesday is a quick post with just a picture from my classroom, a short explanation, and a question for you, my readers.
I am using a new world history book this year. Yes, I am blessed to have updated materials, but the supplements that come with it are already available to students online. With one quick Google search, students can find the answers to most of the questions, reading guides, and section reviews.

My social studies students have kept notebooks many years in government, civics, economics, women's studies, psychology, U.S. history, and world history. I also prefer to avoid making copies as it is a lot of paper and always seems to take forever.

Every couple of days I like to have the students take their own notes from whatever reading we are doing. Just about every time, we use a two-column notes format.

A couple of psychology examples.

This was a recent layout for two pages on The French Revolution.

Do you have a preferred notes format?

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