The Best of 2015

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2015 has been washed away, and we have a whole new year ahead of us.  To honor and memorialize 2015's passing I put together a list of my best posts of 2015 in order to revisit some goodies.  There are some wonderful freebies in these posts that you can still download for your own use.

As many of us begin a new semester, the tips, activities, and lessons for starting the year can be relevant, especially if you have a new group of students.  Check out how I start my English and Psychology classes out with a BANG!

Student-created collections of work for a novel are one of the ways I reduce my paper load.  I've detailed how I set students (and myself) up for making these function properly in my classroom.  I've even included a sample grade sheet for a notebook.

I made an earbud pouch with a zipper, a sunglasses case, a cell phone pouch and a pen holder for my planner.  These were all sewn in less than a day and are very easy projects for a beginning sewer.

One of my posts in the series on Activities for the Psychology Classroom that contains my first TPT Newsletter freebie and a great hands-on lesson for teaching neurons.  You can sill grab my freebie and check out the lesson for yourself.

Tips and freebies from a host of different bloggers around the web.  Mine centered around inforgraphics and how I use them in the classroom.  You can still grab my freebie on Analyzing Infograhics and check out all the other blogger tips too.

Four small canvases and my first attempt at using vinyl in my Cricut resulted in a cute set of wall art for my classroom.  I also made a new bathroom curtain and am offering a social media tracking Google Sheet for anyone who wants to track their social media.

A tutorial on sewing pencil cases has been a blessing this year and provided me with many gifts for the students in my life.  My youngest and I also have a Youtube channel to showcase my teaching stuff and her funny videos.  I also included a hack with a tall book case and a free map game.

This is the closest thing I have had on this blog to a viral post.  It isn't, but I do get frequent emails and shares on this post.  I use address labels to print a rubric for my student notebooks.  These are a quick easy ways to grade a large piece, like a notebook, in an efficient manner.  There is a freebie version of a rubric available for you to use.

Dreams of summer are entering my head after a two-week vacation and the first snow storm of the year.  It might be awhile until fun in the sun, but the tips and fun in this post will suffice until spring.

1: Any Stitch Fix Reveal

I adore my fixes that come every month and apparently my readers do too.  Here are my top five most popular fixes from 2015 in descending order.

Thank you for making my online home so successful in 2015; I could not do it without you.

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