Ten on Ten: What's been happening this month?

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This is my first Ten on Ten with The Classroom Game Nook, but I have plethora of great photos from our adventures (Star Wars, drinks out and King Tut) over break, and this is the perfect opportunity to share some happenings with you.

I got to spend our holiday with my three beautiful nephews.  They are the best boys an Auntie could want.  Christmas at may parents' house consisted of lots of fund with our girls and these three boys.  Lots of Legos were put together and lots of video games were played.

Dear hubby's birthday was two days after Christmas, so my mom, the two of my brothers who were home, and we went out for dinner and drinks.

We started out at Tap 30 Pourhouse.  There we had beer and dinner.  I had a beer flight, which I was too busy enjoying to take a picture of.  The best part of the flight was I could choose any beers or ciders from their menu.  I was very happy, except for the monkey-something beer I had that tasted like bananas, and while I love bananas, I do not like banana flavor. 

For dinner I had their white chicken chili.  It has hominy in it, and I am still dreaming about it, and the little jalapeno cookies that they serve with it are to die for.  In fact, hubby made a huge pot of it when we got home, and there wasn't any left to freeze.  He has written a recipe for me (so I can duplicate it), and I will be sharing that soon.

After we finished dinner and a round of beer, we headed over to City Park Grill.  We had another round of drinks there.  My mom got this Awesome Coffee, which was probably the most amazing hot drink I have ever had.

We headed back home the next day because I wanted to relax and do somethings in our neck of the woods before heading back to school in January.

Most of my mornings were spent writing with this little guy curled up on the sofa with me.  In fact, right now he is sitting in the same spot: all curled up around me.  Shadow love his people.

I think my fur babies missed us over vacation because even Twitch, who is usually a loner, wanted to get involved in family game night.  We played an epic game of Monopoly; Shmurtz won, and Twitch was right in the middle of it trying to snag some carrots.  He doesn't even like carrots.

My youngest brother is a brewer at The Mitten Brewery, which is right next door to Long Road Distillers in Grand Rapids.   For Christmas he got us a bottle of their vodka, and I will be buying more.  It was (I say was because it is gone) the smoothest vodka I have ever had.  We used it to make Caesars, which is like a Bloody Mary, but with Clamato juice.  I love that it is locally made.

The last amazing part of vacation was the family adventure to Grand Rapids to see Star Wars in IMAX 3D and to visit The Grand Rapids Public Museum.   We seriously made a whole day of it.

It all started with this car selfie.

Our first stop was The Grand Rapids Public Museum to see two exhibits: American Spirits and The Discovery of King Tut.  I have a whole post coming on The Discovery of King Tut, but American Spirits was really neat.  They had a speakeasy set up and the girls got to learn the Charleston.  American Spirits is sponsored by Long Road Distillers, who made that awesome vodka I was telling you about.

They tied prohibition into the women's movement, and I got the girls to pose.

We then went and had lunch at Noodle and Company; one of my favorite places.  I can I just say their Coke machine where you can choose any flavor and custom mix is very cook, but I only drink plain Coke.

I always get the Japanese Pan Noodles with grilled chicken.  Yes, still thinking about this meal too.

The last part of our day was spent at Celebration Cinema watching Star Wars in IMAX 3D.  They had two great photo backdrops set up, and hubby and Shmurtz got their picture taken with the Millennium Falcon.  I don't know if I would do IMAX and 3D again.  I think one or the other would be cool, but it was a lot for my eyes.

What adventures did you go on over the holidays?  Did you eat or drink anything wonderful?  Do any of my adventures look like something you would want to see?

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