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I have been working hard this past month to coordinate and organize a product swap just in time for break.  I am thrilled to be teaming up with these great teacher-authors to showcase these great products and then offer you a chance to win them

I got to pick from the expansive selection over at 2 Peas and a Dog.
My juniors just finished up their work on Of Mice and Men, so when I saw her Classic Fiction Book Report, I knew it was the perfect way to end class before vacation.  She also has the full set of 12 Genre Book Reports that look AMAZING.

I though only had one decision to make in my planning for the last week before Christmas vacation with this unit: write it long-hand or get students on the computers?  I decided, since our floor cart wasn't signed out, to have students do this in Google Classroom.

She includes four topics for students to address about the text:


The 4Rs and each has several questions or sentence starts to help students think and process the text.

These easily became the four body paragraphs.  I asked students to add an introduction and a conclusion as we have been working on those with our last few writing assignments.

The paragraphs and content that my students came up with were a perfect way to sum up their learning during this unit.

I was impressed by the connections and relevance students had for the novel after using the prompting questions in the book report.

Students are working on analyzing the author of a text's choices and the reasons for these choices, and these prompts moved us forward in this process.

Lastly, the rubric she has created and included with this book report is sure to make grading a snap- when I sit down to read them at some point in the next week or so.

Now you can win a copy for yourself along with some other great prizes.

Be sure to enter to win all of the great products from this swap

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