Sunday Scoop 11/8

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It has been more than a month since I last linked up with  Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop.  I think my lack of productiveness might be a result of not having a nice Sunday list.


1) Progress reports are going out this week, and I have a bag of stuff to get in the grade book from being gone so much in the last month.  That and the redesign of my AP Literature class need to be organized today.

2) Let's just say that the other members of my house aren't as concerned about spills as I am.

3) Anyone who has been around knows I like to pick my clothes out for the week on Sunday.  I have started doing Pinned It Spinned It.  I love that Jamie posts a selection of outfits to make from your own wardrobe.  Here are this weeks:


1) Mt. Mc Laundry has taken over.  At least it is clean.

2) I have some great products for teaching psychology, including a whole set of vocabulary products.  I really want to get two of them assembled and posted today.  Time will tell.


1) I am trying to take a few minutes on Sunday to schedule some Tweets and FB Posts for the week, especially the days when I get busy.  Be sure to follow to get those :)

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