Stitch Fix #13 November 2015

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I really do like Stitch Fix service.  I know that my wardrobe has gotten a boost from getting one of these boxes a month.
 The opinions and words here are 100% mine!  This post contains referral links that provide a reward for me at no cost to you if you choose to shop.

What is Stitch Fix?

It is a styling service that for $20 (which gets credited towards any items you keep) you get five items hand-selected for you by a stylist.  You fill out a style profile and link a Pinterest board, so your stylists know what you like.  If you are interested in trying out this service, please use my referral link as I can get credit for sending you their way.

After a slightly disappointing box in October, I took my husband's advice and requested nothing specific, and I got pieces that were very much my style.  I did request a more inexpensive fix as mine have been running in the $300 range, and I wanted to see what a lower price point would be like.

My stylist sent a great note with lots of suggestions which I appreciate.

The first two items I pulled were the black shirt and infinity scarf. I prefer infinity scarves over regular ones, but I have several black shirts in different styles.

 I paired these with a pair of hot pink leggings from Old Navy.  I really like bright colors, so these pants are one of my favorite pairs.

The scarf was a great pattern.  I have been wanting a plaid scarf and the black cream color combination will work with numerous items in my closet.  I do wish it had been a little longer as it bunched up when wrapped twice.  The shirt was also nice, but it was a little big on me.  I probably would have been better with a medium.  Also, the scarf smelled funny- has anyone ever had a piece smell funny?  I know a wash will fix that, but it was off-putting at the time.

Look by M Sammie Plaid Infinity Scarf $34 KEPT
Market and Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee $44 RETURNED

This top was promising when I pulled it out of the box the texture, colors, and cut looked to be right up my alley.  I paired it with my new black pants from The Loft.

From the front this shirt looks fairly mainstream, but the back has this great bow detail that elevates it from a standard 3/4 sleeve top.

I had to laugh that the style card had white pants on is currently snowing here in Michigan, so that style wasn't happening.   While it was a cute top, it wasn't going to work for me because I really prefer my back covered because I'm always cold and have some scares from teenage acne.  Also, I really try and stay away from horizontal stripes if I can help it.

Papermoon Kualo Bow Back Knit Top $44 RETURNED

The third top in the box was perhaps the most promising for me.  The pattern and bright colors alone drew my attention when I opened the box.

I paired this with the same black pants from The Loft.  The shirt was soft and of a good length.  I can see it working in all seasons as it is thin enough for spring and summer, but it is roomy enough for a cami underneath. 

Pixley Edmund Henley Knit Top $54 KEPT
I also got another skirt.  Now the first skirt I got was not a winner, but the second one was, so I was anxious to see what this one would be like, especially as I don't own many skirts.

The color and pattern didn't blow my skirt up (pun totally intended), but I don't own a swing skirt, so I gave it a try.  

I originally styled it like my stylist suggested with the hi-lo shirt and the scarf, but that was not working, so I didn't even take a photo.  Then I asked for my husband's help, and we struggled together.  It wasn't until I asked my 14 year old daughter how to style it that I got what you see above: black tank and her jean jacket (I still haven't found one I like and that fits).  Once she got my in that I actually really liked the skirt.

My biggest concerns with the skirt were that it was a little big around the waist and WINTER IS COMING.  I knew I wouldn't get much wear out of this until spring, so it was hard to justify keeping it.

Papermoon Jennifer Printed Swing Skirt $58 RETURNED 


 I am probably taking December off from Stitch Fix, but stay tuned for my next note to my stylist.

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I would love to know more about you in order to help you more: Do you Stitch Fix already?  What brought you to my post?  What kinds of pieces should I try in my wardrobe?

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