My December Mid-Month Confessions

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I adore Mid-Month Confessions today.  Time to make myself feel better about my shortcomings.

1) My grading got neglected this month
Every teacher has those times when they just can't bring themselves to grade another paper, right?  I was caught up after Thanksgiving, but that didn't last long. I guess being aware is the first step.

2) I bought a two-piece bathing suit for summer knowing I need to get fit in order to wear it.
Maybe I should put it on a hanger for display in the dining room...

3) I am afraid of all the things I regret doing and not doing.
This is why I have been trying to push myself to try new things lately.  I have set goals for blog writing- haver you noticed?  I also applied for two teacher programs this fall and to speak at a couple of conferences.

4) Balancing all my stuff is hard.
I want to do everything well, but I am finding that it just isn't possible.  Teaching, being present with my kids and husband, my blog and business, friends, housework and errands, sleep, and working out never seem to all fit into seven 24-hour days.  Randi Zuckerberg says you can only pick three; my problem is that my three are never the same, and I have two jobs: teaching and my business.  Sometimes I feel like I am spinning my wheels.

5) I enjoyed the quiet after giving my students new seating charts.
It didn't last long and the next day I had to 'remind' a few students to move to their new seats.  As a rule, I am generally not strict about seating charts, but a couple of my classes got out of hand.  I may have to change them up once a month from now on.

6) I still miss our dear kitty- Shadow
We lost him in November after he showed up on our deck two and half years ago.  We took him in (actually I woke up to him in my bed with me) and never looked back.  I still come around the corner into the kitchen and expect to see him on the rug in front of the sink where he loved to sleep.  He was so tolerant of everything as you can see.  Twitch has been a very lovey cat since we lost Shadow.  Just writing this is getting me choked up- I just miss him.  He did go quickly in my husband's arms, but his absence if felt in our home.  Hug your kids and kitties tight!

On a much lighter note, what do you have to confess to this month?

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