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September's topic is all about improving on our classroom management and procedures.  We have been in school for a few weeks now, but I am still training my students on our procedures and adding new ones as they come up.  Classroom management, I believe, is an on-going process that must be nurtured all year long.

We have several new teachers in our building this year. Being a new teacher has its own set of struggles on top of those that all teachers face.  Because of these newbies, I wanted to collect and share advice on a variety of topics relating to teaching for all of us,  new or veteran, to learn from.


Use humor in the classroom! It works for engagement, lesson buy-in, and tension reduction. Check out her post on humor in the classroom. -Cheryl from Language Arts for Middle School

Always have some sort of assignment or task on the board for when students come in. While you take attendance, they have something to do! -Carrie from The Tightwad Teacher

Consistency, consistency, consistency!!! Chaos reigns without consistency! -April from Cullom Corner

Be consistent with your routines and procedures. Practice them regularly. Do not give up, they will work eventually. Find more classroom management ideas on her blog. -Kristy from 2 Peas and a Dog

I like to train students to work independently or together before turning to me for help. It forces them to listen to directions if they know that I'm not going to repeat myself. My tip is to set a timer for 7 min. at the beginning of work time, and let them know that you won't answer any questions until the timer goes off. At first, they'll act frustrated, but then their drive to "figure it out" will set in and they'll work together to solve their problems. Gradually increase the time until students can work alone or in pairs for an entire class period. This is when you'll have your one-on-one conferences about writing and reading. -Danielle from Teach Nouvelle

Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken .  See her post on being true to her teacher self.

When dealing with any classroom management issues, my biggest piece of advice is to STAY CALM. If you aren't in control of your emotions, the students will control them. If you're calm, you can think clearly and make rational decisions. Before you take any action, take at least two long, deep breaths, quiet your mind, and relax your jaw. -Karrie from Mrs. E Teaches Math

There are many, many tips in this category, but I'm going to say, CONNECT with each student everyday– simple, yet difficult to do. We stay busy managing "the class" and can sort of loose "the student." Personal, daily connection doesn't just help with management, but leads to student growth and learning in both academics and social behavior. One way to connect each day– greet each student at the door while you are SEATED, especially if you teach lower elementary. Sit down to look students in the eye, at their level, so they are not always looking up. -Kathleen from Kidpeople Classroom


I have two tips for classroom management for you.

1) Get the book CHAMPS and use it.  I love the clip charts to show students what you expect of them in terms of volume, help, and movement during different types of activities.

2) Create a seating chart.  I print two sets of these Rainbow Desk Labels: one to tape to the desks and another to hand out to students.  We use them all year for grouping up.

Student learn their groups and partners during the first weeks, which helps make transitions to groups discussion or partner tests smooth all year.


What is your best classroom management or procedure tip?


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