The Best Socks and Shoes for Teachers

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Teachers and anyone on who is on their feet a good part of the day (like my mother, a nurse, and my husband, a chef) needs quality socks and shoes to prevent aches, pains, and damage to their feet and legs. I am always reading questions from teachers about great shoes, so I thought I would curate my favorites together in one post.

 I have received complimentary pairs of both compression socks in exchange for a review.
 The opinions and words here are 100% mine!  This post contains referral links that provide a reward for me at no cost to you if you choose to shop.


For many years I neglected to think about the socks that I wore to work, but after buying the following, I am convinced that the socks matter just as much as the shoes we wear on our feet.

I received a pair of these in one of my Birchboxes, and I have wanted more ever since.  I have an ankle pair, and they are the perfect thickness to provide cushion from first bell to last.  I am hoping that these tall ones end up in my Easter basket.

These were a winner for me from the time I saw the picture as I have always worn fun socks to school even with my dressiest clothes.  Only students that are really paying attention notice that you have....oh...hula-dancing monkeys on your socks (yes, that happened).  Compression socks provide extra support for your arch, ankle, and calf.  While they seem tight at first, by the time I get home, I am glad that I had them on.

These are very similar to the previous socks.  There are two major differences: 1) They have tighter compression (this is actually measured by a number) and 2) They are a trouser-type sock in black for a classic look.  I let my husband wear these to work one day, and I haven't gotten them back, but I am no longer being asked to rub his feet every night.


 I received my first pair of quality teacher shoes as a gift from my mother when I was pregnant with my youngest, and they changed my life.  In fact for a long time, my wardrobe choices were determined by the shoes I wanted to wear.

These were the shoes my mother bought me; she got them for me in black and then brown and then bright flowers.  Yes, I loved them so much that she bought me two more pairs. Dansko Clogs have perfect arch support.  They do take a little getting used to as they have a heel (especially when you are pregnant).  My mother and I also got my husband to try a pair and now he is on pair number three.  I am currently in love with these plaid ones.

For almost a year I wanted a pair of Tieks, but they were so far out of my teacher budget that I knew I needed something else.  I have a pair of Mary Jane's from Dansko, but I wanted cute shoes for my cropped pants and dresses.  Some teachers had been talking about Ballasox as an alternative.  When I saw an ad for Ballasox on sale, I knew it was time to try a pair.  I recommend ordering a size larger than your normal shoe size.  I didn't at first, but they were very helpful with exchanging them, and I ended up with blue and these leopard print ones.  I bought my mother red ones for Christmas.

The lack of sandals in my wardrobe after the demise of my decade-old Birkenstocks was depressing.  I pretty much owned cheap flip-flops, and while we can wear them to work, they are not a wise choice.  I found these beauties in white (yes, I know, but they have stayed clean) at the Hush Puppies Outlet in Mackinaw City, MI while visiting my parents.  These are the only sandals I wear to work now, and as I own them in white, they go with EVERYTHING!

What are your favorite shoe and sock brands?

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