What is the teacher reading? June 2015

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It is summer vacation, which means I can devour books at an epic rate.  Here is what I am reading now, and the best part is that the first three are free to borrow if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber.  (Click on any image to be taken to the page on Amazon.)

The Wives of Los Alamos by Tarashea Nesbit

This was a uniquely written novel.  It traces the wives of the scientists that work at Los Alamos during WWII.  It is written in first person from the eyes of all the wives.  I was intrigued by the way Tarashea blends the well-known history with the personal stories of the wives.


North and South by John Jakes

This was a mini series in the 1980s (I just ordered it on DVD) and peaked my interest after visiting the plantation in Charleston last year where the series was filmed.  It didn't hurt that Partick Swayze was in it.  This is the first book in a trilogy that follows two families: one from the north that owns a forge and one from the south that own a plantation.  It includes historically accurate descriptions of many events from the Mexican American War to the onslaught of the Civil War.

My Blog Traffic Sucks by Steve Scott

This was a quick read on blogging that provided me with over two pages of notes on things to do in order to improve my blog traffic.  I have already implemented many of them.  An easy-to-read book with easy-to-implement strategies.

My fourth book I received as a freebie on my Kindle, but it is now $9.99.

The Frontiersman's Daughter by Laura Frantz

A Little House on the Prairie type romance novel.  It takes place in Kentuke shortly after the Revolutionary War.  Amidst the settler's fight for survival against the elements and natives, a young girl becomes a woman and falls in love...three times.

 Don't forget our Monday Book Study going on for the month of June on Reciprocal Teaching.

Here are a couple of my favorite bloggers' reading lists:

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